What if big (and not so big) companies were bands…

IBM::Rolling Stones – It’s old, it’s all about reinventing the same old good stuff (blues). They are rarely mentioned as a favorite band by music fans (they are always 2nd, 3rd or beyond picks, but always part of the list!). They have a dozen of albums, compilations, re-issues, not all with great value, but overall successful. At same time, they are the long living rock band, they have built an unquestionably powerful brand (for some the biggest) over the years and made/still making a heck lot of money.

Apple::The Beatles – The most successful and worshiped band of all times. Band’s history can be divided in two phases: First years – when they were the biggest news on the chart and conquered the world with ingenious-pop songs. Second phase: more mature and very polished records that set the bar in terms of recording technology and creativity, this phase was marked by fights and momentarily breaks within the band but was very proliferous, that was probably the time when they put their names in history, though some may argue the first phase was the one that set the stage. Even after the break, the band continues to be relevant and mentioned as inspirational. Some say they were not as revolutionary as it’s said, since at the beginning they were “Xerox” (pun intended) of the 50’s rockabilly bands (Little Richards, Elvis, Buddy Holly, etc)

Microsoft::Led Zeppelin – Led is not rarely mentioned as the second biggest rock band/influence after The Beatles – The breakthrough The Beatles set in the 60’s is comparable by the one Led set in the 70’s (in fact, for some they rank first, given the power and strength the band always had live, setting the bar and defining the ‘arena rock concerts’, something that the former didn’t achieved). It took some time to the band to achieve success, and although it has indeed achieved tremendous success and defined almost everything that came after: hard rock, heavy metal, etc. the band is sometimes accused of having copied old blues standards (in a new tempo, texture) to define their own sound, and in some cases really copying someone else’s music into their own. After band’s break and over the time, the band is becoming more and more eclipsed, especially due reluctance of the former members to reunite for a set of concerts – what would put them back in the hearts and minds of youngsters, according to some.

Google::U2 – Mega-giga-godizilla’s band of the (not so anymore) recent times. U2 has a huge – and truthful – fan base, but at same time they can reach all music listeners with their easy-going ballads and radio oriented projects, what makes them very well known in a wide range of listeners. Some would say U2 has one – and one-only – classic album – Joshua Tree – from where they have captured all the attention and waste all their creativity, some others say, the band did produced some other albums worth to mention, that in some cases would overcome the aforementioned, such as: Achtung Baby, October and All that you can leave behind.  Band’s main character is always involved in “don’t be evil” efforts, but not always behaves as such. Still active and still making enormous and prolific tours, but would they stay relevant longer if they don’t produce new material?

Canonical Ltd(Ubuntu)::Rush – Musically extraordinary, very well done records, great lyrics.. In the past, one would imagine they would dominate the world and overcome all others, including Beatles and Led… this particular one is probably a geek, and one of the few band’s fan base… but, who knows, they are still active and working, this day still might come, you shall be prepared to worlds’ dominance!

SUN::Cream – Short-lived/very creative band, defined the sound of late 60’s mixing blues, rock and psychedelic. Band members and sounds were incorporated by many other bands, but is pretty much forgotten by mainstream, though they still carry a few loyal fans. Some said they produced the most creative sound of 60’s, some say it was pure rubbish.

Napster::Nirvana – Huge success, huge breakthrough that has gone away with the same spark it came out. Brought a lot of stuff/bands that are still around, changed the music scene and left their mark in history.

Skype::Green Day – A bunch of sold outs!

Facebook::The Black Keys – Some think they are great, a bunch of others think they are mediocre (and just know how to play the same – bothering – recycled stuff), some other say they were great but their prime has already passed once they became popular.

Twitter::Mumford and Sons – The next/current/last big thing?

Pinterest::what?! I’m done.

Under construction… I might come back to this subject one day a change it all… maybe not J.

If you take this seriously, you’re as crazy as I am, I would recommend you look for a doctor before sending comments, seriously…

Credits to: it all started with a totally unrelated email thread – Alessandro Caps did a weird link between bands and companies, Leonardo Sussa sent his usual lunatic comments, I did my usual blablabla – that always ends up having to do with a (overrated and lame) guitarist comparison, that’s according to my unsuspected friend, Baiano… and it all grow to this…

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